Raise The Roof Appeal

Our appeal is to fund a project to remove and safely dispose of the current main roof on our Liverpool Lighthouse building, replacing it with a new modern roof. There are two roof sections covering the building which provides 1,400 square meters of activity space. The main roof (35meters off the ground) which covers 80% of the building is low grade asbestos. The roof which was upgraded in 1999 has deteriorated considerably, resulting in extensive water ingress problems causing (i) damage to vital rooms and facilities including dance & recording studios, essential stairwells (ii) restrictions to use of the main 430 seater auditorium whenever there is heavy rainfall. The report from a contract surveyor confirmed our worst fears that a temporary repair work would give us at best 12 months as the entire roof urgently needs replacing. In his view, failure to replace the roof would virtually mean the close down of the building, terminating all the services we have developed over the last 12 years, projects which continue to benefit thousands of vulnerable people. The project will have three stages: Plan, Remove and Replace.



There is a huge amount of planning and preparation involved before we can even begin to start work on the roof.



Once the plans are drawn up we can begin to remove the current, asbestos ridden roof.



With the new roof disposed of we can then start to install our brand new roof.

Our Current Roof

Once you see the condition of our current roof we think you will agree that it is something that needs replacing urgently! Remember though that it is only with your support that we can make that happen.
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Common Questions

It is important to us that you know exactly who we are and exactly what the goals and focus of the "Raise the Roof" appeal is. To that end, we have tried to answer some of the most common questions and concerns people have.

About Us

“Raise the Roof” is the name of our appeal to raise funds to repair the roof at Liverpool Lighthouse.

Liverpool Lighthouse is an urban gospel arts and community focused charity based in a building of the same name in Anfield, Liverpool. You can find out more about Liverpool Lighthouse by going to “About Us” or visiting www.liverpoollighthouse.com

Liverpool Lighthouse is part of a larger group of companies / charities known collectively as the Love and joy Association of Charities. You can find out more about the LJM AOC at www.ljmaoc.org

Supporting Us

You can either make a direct donation or you can fundraise on behalf of our Raise the Roof appeal. Please check our “Support Us” page for more details.

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Certainly. You can post us a cheque if you prefer. Please go to our contact us page and get in touch for more details on how to proceed.

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