Our appeal is to fund a project to remove and safely dispose of the current main roof on our Liverpool Lighthouse building, replacing it with a new modern roof. There are two roof sections covering the building which provides 1,400 square meters of activity space. The main roof (35 meters off the ground) which covers 80% of the building is low grade asbestos. The roof which was upgraded in 1999 has deteriorated considerably, resulting in extensive water ingress problems causing

  • damage to vital rooms and facilities including dance & recording studios, essential stairwells
  • restrictions to use of the main 430 seater auditorium whenever there is heavy rainfall.

The report from a contract surveyor confirmed our worst fears that a temporary repair work would give us at best 12 months as the entire roof urgently needs replacing. In his view, failure to replace the roof would virtually mean the close down of the building, terminating all the services we have developed over the last 12 years, projects which continue to benefit thousands of vulnerable people. The project will have three stages: Plan, Remove and Replace and any money raised from this appeal will be used in the following way:

Detailed Plans
Removal and Disposal of current roof
Installation of new roof